Outsourcing Revenue Cycle Management Reduces Cost by 30% and Improves Cash Flow by $1.7 Million

Client Situation

Lack of management oversight on revenue cycle key performance indicators led to decreased results and money left on the table.

This dermatology practice handled all its billing internally through on-site staff. Due to lack of guidance and direction, employees were not accountable for key performance indicators to increase cash flow and generate additional revenue for the practice. The client found that by outsourcing to Cg Healthcare Solutions, LLC, they experienced several improved operational outcomes.

Client Challenge

Cg Healthcare Solution

Timely follow up

Implemented proper workflow and performance measurement to manage denials by reason and payer

Inaccurate payment posting

Implemented performance program to incentivize proper payment posting

Changing insurance regulations and requirements

Proactive and timely communication on billing and coding changes to providers

Personnel management

Aligned employee revenue cycle performance with appropriate compensation incentives

Patient dissatisfaction

Discontinued use of call center and replaced with live staff liaison directly to each location

High patient balances

Implemented electronic patient payment solution



Significant decrease in controllable posting errors

Improved Net Collection Rate to greater than 99%

Reduced days in accounts receivable from 34 to 23

Improved patient experience


Reduced revenue cycle management spend by 32% (from $1.1 million to $750,000)

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