Our Healthcare Consultants Are Committed to the Continuing Education of Your Staff

It is critical to keep your team educated and up-to-date on the changing rules and regulations that affect the healthcare industry.  At Cg Healthcare Solutions, LLC, we can be the resource that trains your physicians and staff. The following is a list of the seminars we offer. Please Note: Each of the following topics will be discussed in a 45 or 60-minute format (or 90 minutes as denoted by *). Click on the seminar title for more information.

Buyer Beware: Navigating Ancillary Revenue Opportunities

Deborah Mathis, CPA, CHBC and Mike Lewis, MBA, FACMPE are speaking at the MGMA19 National Conference in New Orleans this October! Check out their session below.

As reimbursement on a per-CPT-code basis continues to decrease, providers are looking for new opportunities to bring ancillary revenue into their practices. Physicians are inundated with offers from sales people for a variety of ancillary services, ranging from laboratory services (including specialized testing) and orthotics to durable medical equipment. In some instances, federal and/or state laws bar implementing the proposed services. Often physicians are enamored by the thought of ancillary revenue, that the financial and legal implications of these sources are not fully vetted. This session will provide a financial template to understand the revenue implications from the adoption of ancillary services. Attendees will learn some of the legal pitfalls impacting practices that adopted questionable ancillary revenue services.

This session will provide you with the knowledge to:

  • Examine a financial pro forma for the revenue impact of the adoption of ancillary services in your practice
  • Point out alternative ancillary service offerings popular in practices today
  • Distinguish legal guidelines for providing certain ancillary services in your practice

Resisting the Urge to Merge

In today’s healthcare climate, is independence still an option? There are far less physicians in independent practices now than there were in the beginning of the decade. As reimbursement methodologies change, physicians are being sought after by health systems, large MSO-model practices and multi-specialty groups to provide population health management services. Is this always the best option for a practice? Whether you remain independent or merge, it’s a big decision with several factors to consider. This presentation explains the different factors to be considered when deciding whether to remain independent or merge a practice, as well as the integration due diligence process and alternative practice options. The presentation also compares single/multi-specialty/health system alignment to ensure long-term success, joint ventures, contracting with a management services organization and more. Obtain the necessary tools to determine the best outcome for your practice.

It’s 5:00 Somewhere: After Hour Care

This presentation explores the various types of after-hours care models along with potential revenue opportunities and billing challenges. The after-hours service is an increasingly popular way for practices to grow their volume and increase patient satisfaction.

Medicare 2019 Update

This year the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) are once again implementing changes to the Medicare physician payments and quality reporting program policies. This presentation will provide key insight and updates about 2019 Medicare payment policies including reimbursement updates and ongoing implementation of value based initiatives.

Topics will include:

  • Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) reporting requirements
  • Physician Fee Schedule updates and changes
  • Advanced Alternative Payment Model (APMs) participation requirements
  • New virtual care codes and changes to tele-health coverage
  • Updates to documentation requirements
  • Physician payment issues
  • And much more!

Recruiting & Retaining Staff Plus Dealing with Difficult Employees

For your practice to run effectively you must have personnel that you can depend on to do their jobs responsibly and efficiently. You will learn valuable tips and strategies to recruit, interview, hire, train and retain reliable, productive office staff.

Topics will include:

  • Recruiting qualified candidates
  • Improving employee retention
  • Enhancing staff communication
  • Managing challenging employees
  • Employee handbook tips
  • And much more

Billing Trends & Recent NJ Legislation

In this ever-changing healthcare environment, this presentation provides information to help your practice maximize revenue, manage accounts receivable and improve cash flow. Get up-to- date billing and collection news as well as the latest information about NJ legislation that will affect your practice.

Topics will include:

  • Understanding the correlation between procedure and diagnosis coding
  • The Out-of-Network Healthcare Bill
  • The use of clearinghouse tools
  • Trends in billing and collections
  • Tips to manage accounts receivable
  • Ways to establish effective billing procedures
  • And so much more!

Practice Vitals: Are You Checking Your Pulse?

Today’s medical practices are leaving more money on the table than ever. The key to operating a profitable medical practice is to examine the performance and financial indicators of your practice or its ‘Vital Signs’. These indicators are as important to the life of your practice as

a patient’s vital signs are to their medical history. This presentation addresses how your practice can optimize revenue and efficiency as well as how to analyze the health of your practice in the following areas:

  • Revenue
  • Provider productivity
  • Billing performance
  • Staffing
  • Reimbursement
  • Using benchmarking data

Our practice management consultants are committed to providing your medical practice with continuing education opportunities. Contact us or call 732-818-0067 to learn more about future seminars.