Improve Compliance and Keep Current With Rapidly Changing Regulatory Issues

Medical coding presents a unique set of challenges to physicians and other providers.  There is concern about over-coding and triggering an audit, as well as under-coding and not being reimbursed appropriately for the services provided. One of the most effective quality control procedures you can implement for your practice is periodic coding reviews by an experienced medical coder.

Cg Healthcare Solutions will analyze the coding patterns of each provider in your organization and benchmark the results against industry norms in your specialty. We can perform audits of your medical charts according to generally accepted government standards and provide a chart-by-chart analysis of our findings and recommendations.

Additionally, we can provide for in-depth coding training for both physicians and staff to give them the tools they need to maximize reimbursement, minimize fraud and abuse risk, as well as adequately document patient care.

Our Coding Compliance Services will help insulate your medical practice from audit while ensuring you’re reimbursed appropriately for services rendered.  Contact us or call 732-818-0067 to learn more about this service and how it can benefit your practice.